Infinity Spa

Infinity Spa is a Bangkok based urban spa. As one of the most contemporary and quirky spas in Bangkok, Infinity spa is an urban oasis to relax and unwind from the busy city.

Infinity spa approached Fingersnap Digital seeking a redesign of their website. They wanted an overall update to the information architecture and UX/UI design. Additionally, Infinity spa wants to integrate a new e-commerce feature to their site.

This project was completed during my time as co-founder at Fingersnap Digital.
UX/UI Design

Design Tools
Adobe XD
Infinity Spa
Business goal
Update website to match new branding and increase online engagement with potential clients. The owners also would like the new website to be the main point of contact for new clients rather than third party sites. Additionally, incorporate eCommerce element to website.
The client's previous website was long overdue for a redesign. The site overall lacked structure and organisation of its content and flow. There was also a missing eCommerce component which they would now like to add.
Discovery & Research
  • We started the project by conducting a series of research to help us frame UX challenges and solutions.
  • 1. Stakeholder Interview
    We spoke with the spa owners to understand their needs and user journeys for this website. Additionally, collaborated with the spa's in house graphic designers their approach to the new brand identity.
  • 2. Competitive Analysis
    Assessing different competitor platforms to identify areas of success, design patterns.
UX Challenges
UX Solutions
  • Based on our research conducted below are key points we want to tackle:
  • 1. Convenience is key
    Infinity spa wants an updated website and the market says the website needs to be responsive. Mobile friendly websites allows for convenient booking and browsing.
  • 2. Branding
    The new website needs to reflect their updated offline shop.
  • 3. Where to shop?
    Infinity spa and Thalgo products should be available online for international clients to enjoy too!
  • 1. Design a responsive website
    Allow clients the convenience of booking a spa experience anytime anywhere.
  • 2. Expand on the exiting site experience
    Integration of a new eCommerce feature so clients can purchase their favorite products without needing to visit the offline shop.
Landing page
  • The redesign gives emphasis to graphic elements with minimal text. There is a careful balance of white space and gradient color breaks for visual interest as consumers browse through the landing page.

    The landing page allows customers to explore all the services and products infinity spa has to offer. As well as their contact information. This gives the clients an overview of all the spa features with links for further detail.

    There is a separation of content for the navigation and footer. Navigation targets the client and caters to their needs. While the footer is reserved for business development and other seeking a career with Infinity spa.

    The use of carousels and parallax on the homepage to show case different spa menu items. Details of the packages and promotions are concise and to the point. Maximizing the new graphics and allows for quick understanding of the brand’s identity and services.
Spa menu
  • Mimicking the tone of the homepage, the spa menu only present the customer with key information such as treatment name, price, brief description, and duration. Enough information for them to choose a product to book. A dropdown in the global navigation brings the clients to different spa menu pages.
  • The customers can navigate to the shop page and browse all the products available without leaving the infinity spa site. Based on their preferences they can filter through the products by price and brand. When hovering over each item, the customer can choose to add the product to their shopping cart, save the item, or share. When the client press on the image, it’ll bring them to the product show page.
Product page
  • On the product show page the customer will have more information on the product and suggestions for other related products that they may like. The carousel gives the spa an opportunity to market their other products to customers. Breadcrumb trail gives flexibility for the customer to navigate back to the shop page. Additionally they can click on the product tab.
  • As indicated by research findings, having a responsive platform creates a friendlier user experience for the modern day consumer.
  • Wellness on the Go
    Modern day consumers are starting to invest more and more into wellness and distance is definitly not an issue. A mobile-centric future makes that even easier, at the tap of a button, clients can book their next SPAcation.

    Collaboration with Other Designers
    This was the first project I’ve worked on where the client has different design teams working on separate but related designs for a company. There was an internal team working on packaging and promotional graphics, a external branding team, interior designers, and us working on UX/ UI & development. To create a cohesive brand identity we provided feedback for eachother, but some of the design choices don’t always translate well on another media. Overall it was an interesting work experience and a lesson on coordination.