China Strategy Trip

Kaizor Innovations is a Hong Kong based UX strategy consultancy firm. With almost 20 years of experience, Kaizor helps western companies strategise and innovate for China's trillion dollar market.

One of the many services they offer is a one week immersive workshop to help brands learn the Chinese consumer mindset and tailor their product to launch in the local market. The aim of this website is to provide entrepreneurs and companies a sneak peak into China Today and highlight the importance of first hand experience and strategy when approaching the Chinese market.
Art Direction
UX/UI Design
Design Tools
Jan 2020 - Feb 2020
Kaizor Innovation
Business goal
Design an effective landing page that makes CEOs/Entrepreneurs excited about the Chinese market and sign up to join the tour.
  • The project kicked off with a series of research and brainstorming exercise to differentiate the strategy trip from its competitors and Kaizor's existing services.
  • 1. User feedback
    Kaizor Innovation worked with companies from all scale on developing their UX strategies and research. Over the years, the consultancy recognised an increase in demand for rapid UX research and product testing in the Chinese market for western companies. However, these companies can't seem to be able to find a suitable partner or product out there to help them achieve their goal of understanding the Chinese market. Therefore, Kaizor's new strategy trip aims to provide a solution to aid companies interested in entering and growing their business in China.
    2. Competitive Analysis
    We analysed competitor's websites and catalogued their strengths and weaknesses. These findings provided insights into different types of content we should include and how Kaizor can differentiate itself.

    - Focused on delivering information and quick facts for why companies need to engage in the Chinese market.
    - Branding themselves as experts in the Chinese market by recognisable names as program attendees or partners.
    - Social proof of testimonials
    - Use of multimedia to present China's tech environment

    - page overloaded with text, requires extra focus to digest all the text
    - Visually not memorable or distinctive
    - CTA is unclear
  • 2. Product Positioning
    A 2X2 matrix was used to help position the product amongst Kaizor's other services. This will ensure that the new trip is full-filling an unmet need.
Keywords to set the tone
  • In addition to the persona, the design team developed a series of keywords to guide us through the design process.
  • - Inspirational
    - Immersive
    - Mind-altering
    - Actionable
    - Mix of Traditional + Modern
  • Based on Kaizor's existing clients we developed the following persona.
  • To start the ideation process we brainstormed the site structure and flow through quick low-fi wireframes.

    The landing page structure should:
    1. Help the viewer to quickly make a decision on why they should go to china
    2. Show enough content for them to decide on a trip.
    3. Why Kaizor is the best guide for this exploration.
Mid-fi Wireframes
+ Mood board
  • Once the basic structure was determined the next step was to translate the low-fi wireframes into mid-fi and start exploring different visual design directions through figma. Additionally, based on the keywords a style guide was crafted to set the tone for our landing page.
  • From the final landing page users understand why they should attend the trip prior to launching in China. How the trip creates value for their company's business development. Users were able to understand who Kaizor innovation were and why they should partner with them.

    It engages the viewer through sound, visuals, and bold figures. Insightful and actionable information on the strategy trip allow viewers to envision themselves going on this trip and make the leap to sign on.
Landing page